Gambling on Golf Explained

Golf is an incredibly widespread sport and is played all over the globe and is also one of the most wagered on sports. In this guide, we are going to explain how golf betting works and teach you how to find value in the gambling markets. Golf gambling is all about predicting the outcomes of an event and receiving a payoff for your correct prediction from a bookmaker site. The amount you receive for your correct prediction is based on the amount you bet multiplied by the odds you secured from the betting site. For example, if you place $100 at 4:1 odds you would receive $400 profit + your original $100 stake. It is all about making correct predictions and taking advantage of gambling sites that get it wrong and set incorrect odds. To find amazing wagering opportunities keep reading!

How to Gamble Successfully on Golf

Most gamblers lose money because they don’t know how to find winning wagers and effectively analyze different wagers. If you want to start winning your money, follow these methods:

Become a Golf Expert
This may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many golf gamblers don’t spend their extra time studying the game and improving their knowledge. The more you know about golf the more accurate your predictions are going to be. As it is a huge sport with all kinds of different wager types and events we recommend you specialize in a certain aspect of the game. For example, you may choose to focus on European events or become an expert in head to head matchups.

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When turning yourself into a golf savant the goal is to become more knowledgeable than the bookmakers and therefore be able to make better predictions. If you could consistently make better predictions than the bookmakers you will be able to profit when they get it wrong.

Use Statistics
Statistics may help you more accurately predict the outcome of matches as they actually reveal trends such as which players are playing well. And also give you insight into which players perform well under certain conditions such as in poor weather. The most important golf stats to analyze include:

  • SG/approach the green
  • SG/off-the-tee
  • scoring average
  • SG/total
  • SG/around the green
  • SG/tee-to-green

Find the Best Odds
Even if you make amazing predictions about which player is going to win or what score they will achieve if you can’t find the right odds you won’t win. To ensure you maximize your winning bets you need to sign up at multiple sportsbooks and always check a variety of different markets until you find the best odds. You would be surprised at the range of odds for the same wager you may find at different sportsbooks. Most professional gamblers have accounts at numerous bookmaker sites so they can instantly take advantage of generous odds.

Claim Bonuses
A great way to boost your winnings and reduce your risk is to claim bonuses and promos offered by sportsbooks. You could find all kinds of deals including bonus cash, free bets and refunds on losing bets. Sites will typically offer generous sign up deals where they will match your deposit. For example if you deposit $200 the sportsbook is going to credit your account with an additional $200 in bonus cash which you can use to wager on golf. Remember to always do your research and find the top deals before you start wagering!

What Golf Bets Can You Make?

Golf is one of the top sports to bet on because there are just many different wagers available. To increase your win rate we recommend you stick to the following types of strategies:
Outright: An outright golf wager is one of the most popular forms of gambling as all you have to do is pick a player who you think is going to win the event. With an outright wager, you are able to lock in some incredible odds as the fields can be huge with over 100 players. You are sometimes able to find underdogs paying out more than 100:1.
Placing: If you are looking to boost your win rate and reduce your risk of placing a wager may be perfect for you. In this wager, your goal is to pick a player who places in the top 3, 5, or 10. A placing wager does not pay out nearly as much as an outright wager.
Matchup: With this style of bet the sportsbook is going to match two golfers head to head typically based on ranking or if they are partners and then you get to predict which golfer will shoot the lower score. Matchup bets are incredibly exciting and very profitable if you have a deep understanding of the two sportsmen who are battling it out.
Round betting: With round betting, your goal is to predict which player is going to win the round rather than the tournament. Gambling on golfers who play well at the beginning of tournaments can be a winning strategy.
Futures: This wager is all about predicting the outcome of a golf event far in the future that may be months or even a year away. A common futures wager is gambling on an athlete to be crowned the number 1 player at the end of the year.
If you stick to these golf wager types you should be able to find numerous opportunities to win and make some cash. In the beginning, we recommend you try a range of these different bet types and then start specializing after you find a style that suits you.

Let’s Play Together!

After checking out our intro guide to golf betting you now know more than enough to start making some wagers! Remember to do your research before you gamble on the next event and don’t forget to claim the biggest bonus possible!